Manage. Race. Win.

Racecar Manager is a tool designed to help you easily manage your racecar setup in the workshop and at the track. Work smarter in the pits to go faster on the track. The end result, win!

COMING SOON to the Android Play store!

Why RCM?

Race car manager is a mobile/tablet based app to help amateur racers and track day enthusiasts keep track of their cars setup at different track locations and events. Better monitoring of your car, setup, laptimes and more will all help you become a more consistant and faster driver!



Monitor and Race car setup
Inbuilt Lap timer
Record multiple drivers/cars
Maintain calendar of track events


About The Developer

The whole idea behind building this app started out as a way to help my fellow amateur racers.
Like you, I love motorsport, and I wanted to find ways to make my time at the track less hectic. I built this app to try and streamline my processes, and make it easier to track and monitor my car and how it is performing when out on the circuit. I hope that the features this app offers also suit you and your car and help you to become a better driver. At the end of the day, this app was created in my small amount of spare time, so when someone like you supports it by going pro, it really is such a blessing.
So really, thank you for enjoying my app!


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